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With the help of a Rural Kids grant, the centre will be able to purchase the snacks for 42 weeks, with the kids dropping by after school on their own or with their parents to get their treat.

where our kids in need can have more accessible, readily available, nutritious foods to meet their nutritional goals on a daily basis, the Agape release says.

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The local food bank is launching a Kids Health Zone, where the children of clients can stop by after school to pick up a healthy snack a fruit, a veggie and a dairy product.

Asics Beige Suede

But with the help of a new grant, the Agape Centre is hoping to give a couple dozen local children that apple a day to keep the doctor away.

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goal with this program is to create an environment Asics Girls Trainers

In the summer months, the centre adds Asics Beige Suede in a bit of produce from their food garden, but in the winter fruits and vegetables are too costly, said Blais.

Asics Beige Suede

Clients will be given cards, Blais said, to get their snack.

Asics Beige Suede

Clients typically pick up a basket of supplies once a month, that can feed them for three to five days.


The healthy food options will also include exposing kids to some more exotic foods, with a chance for kids to try mangoes, spinach and kale.

Asics Beige Suede

Asics Beige Suede

Cans of soup, boxes of cereal and jars of peanut butter are always appreciated at the Agape Centre, which feeds about 4,000 people each year through its food bank, but there is always one area of the dinner plate tough to cover: fruits and vegetables.

is a great start, said Alyssa Blais, executive director of the Agape Asics Shoes Black Friday Sale

´╗┐Focus on healthy eating at Kid's Zone

really want to provide our clients with better food choices, especially kids. This Girls Asics Sneakers

Asics Beige Suede

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