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"If you are in the business long enough you are going to be bitten by a dog," says Devlin. "It's rare that all dogs will scatter in all directions, but that will happen. If a dog gets injured, you have to know what to do. Everybody will eventually lose a dog, and it's not a fun thing. I would rather tell a client I lost their Girls Asics Sneakers

Her routine is the equivalent of putting on a birthday for toddlers on a daily basis. Listening in on her conversation, names like Socks, Lilly and Shadow are thrown around as if they were people in the neighbourhood. Topics like behaviour Pink Asics Running Shoes

Asics Grey Mint

For those brave enough to actually go forward with this lifestyle choice, the challenges are significant.

The sheer numbers of businesses who deal in dog duty speaks to the market's needs. Klan will tell you that Winnipeg is still haggling over prices and quality, but cities like Vancouver and Toronto boast multi staffed companies with some reports stating six figure incomes. Here's her list of what to look for in a professional dog walker:

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"Loving animals isn't enough. You need to be able to handle things in a crisis and that's really how good you'll know your dog walker is," decrees Anne Devlin. Her walking and boarding business, Camp Scooby, in Southern Ontario, was both satisfying and lucrative, but her need for a change closed the operation. "You work seven days a week. Christmas, March Break, summers. People see a nice sunny day, the weather is perfect and the dogs are running around the park and think, 'Oh? You get paid for this?'"

house key. Questions to ask: How long have you been doing this? Is it your only job? What coverage do you have for vacations, illness and vehicle breakdowns? How long will the dogs be in the park exercising versus being transported from point A to point B? How do you handle emergency situations? Do you have any first aid training? Also, ask for proof of bonding and a valid Certificate of Insurance.

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Three labs, a couple of German Shepherds, a pug, two terriers, a Goldiepoo, a pair of Boxers and a Great Dane bound into a park. No, this isn't the start of a joke; it's the start of a day for Natascha Klan. Welcome to the world of full time dog walking. "Every walk is a training walk as well."

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´╗┐Follow my lead

Klan makes it plain that there is much more to the business than dogs. "You need to have some experience, as much education as possible. Interpersonal and communication skills are extremely important because it's not the dogs that are paying you, it's the owners, and you need to be approachable and be able to represent yourself."

and treats, alongside the occasional slag against a client, are up for grabs as well. Should one of canines stray from the pack, the stern tone of this professional can be heard clearly, often leaving nearby dog owners questioning the control they have over their pets.

Determine what type of walk best suits your dog's needs. If your dog is older, is a pup who is too young to mix with others or has behavioural challenges, a single walk may be best. If your dog is energetic, relatively reliable and enjoys Asics Grey Mint other dogs, then the group format may work. An experienced walker can help figure this out.

Her no nonsense style is a common trait amongst her peers.

child than their dog. Four legs are faster than two and in a blink of an eye they can disappear."

Asics Grey Mint

Asics Grey Mint

Asics Grey Mint

Competitive price is a criterion but reliability and experience are equally as important. Establish a relationship based on both budget and trust. Get referrals from retailers and vets nearby.

Asics Grey Mint

Asics Grey Mint

Conduct an in person interview before handing over your Asics Pink And Purple

Asics Grey Mint

Asics Grey Mint

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